Who are we?

The origin of ITSLEGGINGS

 It’s leggings is the art of living that mixes fitness, dedication and design at the same time. We advocate the values of physical and mental exertion, in concordance with the feminine body as sublime as it may be.

Our leggings are for all those who want to provide the necessary efforts to change or those who wish to put on the front of the stage their achievements.

Behind each physical evolution, there is first and foremost a constant relentlessness, a total dedication and a steel mind that we wish to advocate through our brand. For us, the most important and the reward are not the visual result, deserved thanks to your efforts, but rather all the teaching accumulated during the way to arrive at this final result.

We love style, distinction and humility. This is what we try to transcribe in our leggings and how we do our daily actions.

Our values and vision

  1. Investing in itself over the long term-because we do not believe in the short term and you are the best asset to invest in. Trust yourself, be prepared to face the challenges of tomorrow.
  3. Effort-in line with long-term investment, know that today's efforts are the fruit of tomorrow. The words of order are constancy and integrity.
  5. The singularity in our products and services-as true as our values are unique, our products must be and represent our image.
  7. Humility-We provide the necessary efforts to ensure that our results speak for us. Work for your goals, give up the superfluous, let life do the rest.
  9. Elegance-We love beauty, art, style, well beyond fashion. Distinguished but not vulgar. Take up the height, but be humble towards your achievements.


The satisfaction of our customers

We are constantly questioning ourselves. It is thanks to your customer feedback that we are evolving. We strive to improve our processes, our logistics and of course our products. We invite you to send us any feedback on the support of your choice: Facebook, Instagram or by email.

The objective by the end of 2019: Propose a delivery time between 5-10 days.

Our wish: A user experience, a purchasing experience and a product experience conform to your expectations and the image of Itsleggings.com