Workout Routine #2 - Burning Fats

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Workout Routine #2 - Burning Fats

Objective: To burn fat to the maximum by working cardio with intensive exercises.

Hello the Fit-girls! 💪

Here is a training without materials, which will make you lose your extra pounds! This workout will make you work cardio with intensive exercises and draw your abs. You can do this session at home, outside or in the room!

Think about getting warmed up, and moisturizing well between the series.

Incorporate this workout into your routine, once a week.

  1. Warm knee joints, ankles, hips, shoulders for 3 minutes;
  2. Race on site-60 seconds;
  3. Knees lifts-30 seconds;
  4. Jump Squat – 30 seconds;
  5. Side feints-30 seconds;
  6. Burpees-20 seconds;

1 ' 30 minute rest-repeat 4 times. 🔥

  1. Abdominal lifts with stretched legs-30 seconds;
  2. Crunch ABS cross-30 seconds;
  3. Lap in sheathing-30 seconds;
  4. ABS sheathing-30 seconds;

1 ' 30 minute rest-repeat 3 times. 🔥

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