The review of our customers!

The review of our customers!

Sport legging is a love story above all

"Sports and fitness leggings are my favorite clothes." I've got over 30! » F.

How to separate sports leggings from bodybuilding? Impossible! It's a true love story. Do you know that more than 85% of women in the gym wear sports leggings? Bye bye The shorts! The fitness leggings allow you to combine comfort and style at the same time. There are for all tastes, of all colors and especially of all the prices.

« I love sports leggings, I even put them outside of my workouts and yoga, for everyday life. For me, it's almost a full-fledged garment. When I visited, I flashed on the nuance in green leggings. I wanted a real sport legging that can be useful for bodybuilding and yoga as well. The price is so cheap compared to the other big brands leggings! » F. With the Green color legging.


It’s Leggings: What do they think about our sport and fitness leggings?

"Best quality/price, simply!" Louise P.

We have several missions within the company. Of these, 2 are our reasons for existence:

  1. Offer the best sport leggings at good value for money. We do not claim to hold the best fitness leggings, but one thing is for sure: we offer a certain quality for an affordable price. In addition, we focus on a simple design, very important thing. Our target is the range 18-40 years, active women or not, so it must be able to be accessible for all.


  1. Maintain maximum customer satisfaction. We try to ensure the most responsive service possible for our customers and to meet them to the maximum, in accordance with our general terms of sale and return. Our average response time is within 6-8 hours. We try to shorten this time every day.

« I love the universe of It’s leggings. It's a little-known shop but it really deserves more. I share all the values described on their page "Who we Are?", because this is exactly the mentality that is needed in bodybuilding. I loved the summer collection and I chose the yellow legging Natura. I plan to buy another sports leggings on the site soon because the prices are really amazing for the quality. Louise P. With the Yellow Natura Legging.

« My Seamless pink leggings are just beautiful. As soon as it came out, I spotted it on the Instagram account of and I bought it. He's just perfect! A real sport legging and fitness worthy of the name. I hesitate to take the other Seamless in Orange because it is just amazing also. Thank you It’s Leggings for offering us such beautiful clothes. » Alexandra F. With the Seamless Pink Legging.



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