CrossFit - The History

CrossFit - The History

A mix between bodybuilding and gymnastics. Whatever, it would be way too simplistic to summarize what CrossFit is like as well.

CrossFit is recent, brand new and very flowering nowadays. Clubs open like buns. It's high time to get back to the history of CrossFit! Like any sport, it evolves over time, codifies itself and it is essential for those who invest in it, to understand beforehand the objectives, the perimeter and the foundation.

1974, West coast of the United States

CrossFit, also called "conditioning", is basically either a general physical preparation created in 1974, in Santa Cruz in the USA by a certain Greg Glassman and his wife Lauren. A former university gymnast, he shares the observation that physical preparations are very specific according to the sports practiced. For example, a tennis will have a physical preparation focused on the discipline of tennis and not on a set of physical learning prerequisites to be a true sportsman. Therefore, the tennis will repeat incessantly the movements, the services, the situations.

Glassman graduated as a physical trainer and opened his first CrossFit space in his garage. Its differentiation with other preparers is the fact that it will not make work a single quality, repeated gestures 100 times, probable situations. Its principle is simple: to gather intensity, endurance, flexibility, agility, cardio, strength, balance and precision – multiple major axes to be a complete sportsman according to him, several prerequisites before being able to concentrate on a Sport in particular. namely that a physical quality is not superior to another, is not more a prerequisite than another.

A good number of practitioners agree to summarize Crossfit in a mix of gymnastics, cardio and weightlifting.

Glassman believes that a balance must be found in each one through its qualities, a certain basis to accomplish first so, in a second step, to steer with facilitating on a specialization such as football, basketball, rugby, judo, etc.

Question: What do you call the CrossFit teachers?

Answer: Of Conditioners "(Highlight!)

From the garage to the big names affiliated, passing through the first room

1995, Glassman opens his first CrossFit room in Santa Cruz. It becomes the conditioner of the police, the firefighters and the military of the city. In 2000, he opened a second room and created a company in the name of "CrossFit".

In the USA, the lifestyle begins to be born with the expansion of the Internet. The workout lifestyle and fitness make a solid carton, especially on the West coast. The website Is born. From there develop the Work of the Day (WoD): These are daily and free training programs on the website. This is where the big hit begins!

18 affiliated centres in 2005. CrossFit begins to make a tobacco in the USA and will spread all over the world. Faced with this success, some of the big names in the middle were affiliated with CrossFit as weightlifter Bill Star, Garret Smith for Fitness, former American footballer John Welbourn, and Barry Sears, very popular for his diet diet methods.

Thanks to these newcomers in the middle, CrossFit takes on another dimension. Pure and hard fitness, it comes to proposing a complete lifestyle with training, sleep and diet in the formula.

2007, The Big boom

Who remembers the film " 300 » ? Yes yes, Leonidas and the men of Sparta, all well carved in stone like Greek gods! Guess what? The actors of the film followed a physical CrossFit preparation. Surfing the wave marketing and advertising of the film, are born the first official competitions: the CrossFit Games whose rules are defined by Glassman himself. A big boom that leads to 1700 CrossFit affiliated sports halls in 2010, and a growth every year: + 135% in 2012 compared to 2010, ie + 4000 rooms; + 80% in 2013 compared to 2012, or 7200 rooms.


From sponsorship (e.g. Puma, reebook) to experiential growth of practitioners, CrossFit is a very complete discipline, and requires no physical gain at first. Open to everyone, CrossFit is ideal for those of us who want to become stronger, more powerful and stronger.

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