ADVICE - How to choose your sports and fitness leggings?

ADVICE - How to choose your sports and fitness leggings?

This is a legitimate question, and we receive several times a week this kind of question: what kind of sport and fitness leggings should I take? 🤔

✋ Don't panic! We have the answer in this article. We'll help you decide how you have to choose your Leggings. 🤩

Factor 1: What sport do you practice?

It's likely that you do not dress in the same way if you do sports in the gym v.s outdoors. Where you practice physical activity largely determines your outfit, and it is normal.

If you practice outdoors, then we recommend you instead choose a Legging Resistant and compression effect (some will say to "second skin effect"). This is best because not only do they stick perfectly to the body, but they wear out significantly less than the other leggings for recurring use and...

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If you practice in the bodybuilding or yoga room, then you can always opt for a tough legging or choose a lighter and less compressed legging. Some people will like to be more comfortable and avoid the compression effect. 
In this case, opt for a slim size leggings and with a more or less fine fabric because attention to transparency during squats and...

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Factor 2: Your morphology

We will pass the 3 categories of morphology that exist in bodybuilding (ex. for reminder: Ectomorph, Endomorph and Mesomorphic). We're going to describe what you need to put in terms of how you are, in a very simple way!

  1. If you have large hips then you are advised to avoid the compression effects of Sport and fitness Leggings, and rather opt for a simple legging, with dark colors (but if you like eccentricity, then takes bright colors 😉). This will avoid accentuating the width of the hips. Take a look at our comfort collection By clicking here, you'll find your happiness there!
  2. If you have a rangy silhouette (and if you find that you lack shape), in this case you are advised to choose Slim waist leggings mid-high. This will bring the hips forward, and marry your shapes. Little plus: Choose a legging with a round seam to create the illusion of shapes. Tip: Avoid wearing the bottom and top of the same color. This will accentuate your right morphology.
  3. If you have shapes, a developed chest and developed buttocks but your bust and hips are neither wide nor narrow, then you have the ideal physique for bodybuilding! In this case, we advise you to choose a compression and high waist legging to enhance your shape. The color doesn't matter. In addition, you can try to wear a legging that contains mesh parts, to let your skin breathe better but also to add a hint of sexy to your workouts. If you wish to remain discreet, then avoid heavy and thick fabrics and too tight.

Factor 3: What matter to choose?

Let's get this straight: No to simple cotton textiles! They are comfortable, simple, go everywhere, OK! But they don't let a second breathe your skin and hold your sweat. Great traces of pit ' on the leather seats at the hall!

You need a light and breathable material like nylon, polyester and elastane. We see three advantages to these subjects:

  1. resistant, with wear and time, leggings move little. The legging keeps its strength, especially at the seams. Even after multiple washes, the colors remain the same.
  2. Fast to dry as they retain very little water. That's why you sweat better in this kind of leggings, your skin breathes because perspiration is not retained by the air circulating.
  3. Flexible, to accompany you in all your movements. With use, flexibility remains the same, quite extensible to follow squats and flexions.

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How do you choose your leggings? Comments in the comment space!



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